To help managers incorporate resilience concepts into their management strategies and policies, the Reef Resilience Network provides training, networking opportunities, mentorship, and seed funding to launch necessary education, monitoring, and threat abatement projects.

Our in-person trainings emphasize knowledge sharing within and across regions and are designed to prepare managers to apply cutting edge science. Based on the needs of managers, in-person trainings range in design, topic, and duration, and are often paired with a mentored version of the Reef Resilience Online Course. Past training events have included in-person workshops, presentations at conferences, site exchanges, and five-day workshops following a 12-week mentored online course.

Recognizing that managers often need additional support following a training to incorporate new strategies and tools into their work, (when funding is available) we provide the opportunity for training participants to apply for small grants up to US $2,000 for the development and completion of a Resilience Project at their sites. Thanks to the support of our funders, the Network has provided $95,000 in seed funding to training participants, which has been leveraged to provide capacity-building training for more than 1,300 professionals in 24 countries. Browse below to see past trainings.

Integrating Ecosystem Services into Coral Reef Policy and Management – Hawai’i, 2017

The Reef Resilience Network partnered with Blue Solutions to host a five-day training on Integrating Ecosystem Services into Coral Reef Policy and Management on March 6-10, 2017. Experts and participants from 12 different agencies gathered in Kona, Hawaii to gain experience in evaluating ecosystem services and how to effectively communicate the benefits they provide to […]

Locations: Caribbean, Global, Pacific

Reef Indicators Training Group IUCN Sep 2016_C
Reef Resilience Indicators – Hawai‘i, 2016

During the IUCN World Conservation Congress, twenty-seven marine resource managers, scientists, and practitioners, representing nine countries, attended a half-day workshop to learn how to monitor coral reefs for resilience and use this information to guide management.

Locations: Pacific

Group photo
Strategic Communications – American Samoa, 2016

A three-day workshop was held in partnership with NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program to help marine conservation and education professionals from eight agencies in American Samoa approach their work strategically.

Locations: Pacific

ICRI ITMEMS Conference Attendees Philippines 2016
Resilience-based Management – Philippines, 2016

This training brought together marine managers from 28 countries around the world. Topics included resilience-based management, resilience assessment data, tools and methods, future directions, as well as an overview of the current global-scale coral bleaching event and the tools available for monitoring thermal stress.

Seychelles Training Group-cropped
Climate Change Tools – Seychelles, 2015

In cooperation with NOAA’s International MPA Capacity Building Program and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, we hosted a hands-on training for MPA managers and practitioners.

Strat Comms LX 2015 post
Strategic Communications – Florida, 2015

A four-day learning exchange was held in partnership with the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute and NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program to help marine conservation professionals approach their outreach and communications work strategically.

Locations: Caribbean

Makai Watch LX
Community-Based Management – Hawai‘i, 2015

Four participants from The Bahamas National Trust and the Abaco Fly Fishing Guides Association visited Hawai‘i to learn about community-based management initiatives across the state, with emphasis on the State of Hawai‘i’s Makai Watch Program.

Locations: Caribbean, Pacific

Scientific Writing – Hawai‘i, 2015

A four-day writing workshop was held for Pacific Island coral reef managers from Hawaiʻi, who received mentorship to improve writing skills and finalize a journal publication for submission.

Locations: Pacific

Strategic Communications – Hawai‘i, 2014

Fourteen practitioners from Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Yap participated in a training on communications, working with the media, and facilitation, focusing on the application to a current project.

Locations: Pacific

Climate Adaptation – Guam, 2014

Thirty managers participated in a workshop on the use of new tools that provide community members and stakeholders with an understanding of climate change and adaptation strategies.

Locations: Caribbean, Pacific